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liquid is again made alkaline with caustic soda, and submitted
ton third distillation with steam. The distillate is extracted
with ether, dehydrated over solid caustic potash, and, after
decanting and driving" off the ether, the residue is distilled.
Yield, 40 grains of a pale yellow oil.

C(- 1 i . N II, 4- C.I-I ,(0 II), + O = C0HrN +4H20.

Properties.  Colourless liquid; Ix p. 237; sp. gr. rioS at
o ; insoluble in water ; soluble in alcohol and ether.

Reactions.  i. Dissolve a few drops of quinoline in a little
hydrochloric acid and add platinic chloride. Orange crystals of
the rhloroplatinate arc deposited (C,,H7N)oH.>PlCl(.H- H2O.

2.  Add to a solution of quinoline in acid, potassium chromate
solution ; the dichromatc, (Cjjfl-NJ.jHoCvoO-, is precipitated.

3.  Add   to  i  c.c. of quinoline   I   c.c.  of methyl   iodide  and
warm.    A   reaction   sets   in,   and  on  cooling',   the  quaternary
ammonium iodide, C,,I 17N.CPL;I, crystallises in yellow crystals.

4.  To a. few drops of quinoline add a solution of bromine in
chloroform.    A   crystalline  compound,  C,,H7N.Bro, is   formed.
See Ap/wntUx, p. 318.

Quinine Sulphate from Cinchona Bark,

Pclletier, Cavcntou, AMI. C/iim. Phys., 1820, (2), 15, 291.
loo grins. cinchona bark (ground in a coffee mill).
20         quicklime.
Slake the quicklime, and mix iL into a thin cream with 200 c.c.
\v:il<T. Pour the lic[iiid into a basin containing the powdered
bark and stir up the mass well. Dry the mixture thoroughly
on the writer-bath, taking care to powder up the lumps that
hall together. When cold place the powder in a flask, pour
over it 200 c.c. chloroform, and let the mixture stand over-
night. Kilter through a porcelain funnel and wash with a
further 200 c.c. chloroform. The chloroform solution, which
has now a faint yellow colour, is shaken up well with 50 c.c.
and again with 25 c.c. dilute sulphuric acid, and then with water
until the aqueous solution has no longer a blue fluorescence.
The combined acid and aqueous extracts are carefully neutralised